About Metagenics

Metagenics: Leading the Way in Innovative Nutritional Supplements

Founded in 1983, Metagenics has been a pioneering force in the nutritional supplement industry for over 35 years. Our philosophy is centered around Functional Medicine, which aims to identify and address the root causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. This approach allows us to formulate high-quality supplements that can truly make a difference in people's lives.

At Metagenics, we are relentless in our pursuit of better health through better nutrition. Our extensive research and development capabilities allow us to translate advances in nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine into clinically tested products. We collaborate with leaders in the fields of medicine, nutrition and pharmacology to create formulas targeted to meet specific needs. All of our products adhere to strict manufacturing processes and quality control procedures to ensure potency, purity and consistency.

Our Commitment to Quality

We take great pride in producing the purest, most potent and effective supplements on the market today. Here are just some of the steps we take to ensure our products meet the highest standards:

- Rigorous raw material screening - All incoming raw materials are extensively tested for identity, purity, strength and composition to ensure each ingredient meets strict specifications.

- cGMP manufacturing facilities - Our manufacturing facilities adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices, following strict protocols for quality control at every step of the production process.

- Advanced analytical testing - Our in-house laboratories utilize advanced methodologies like high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography to validate finished products.

- Clinical research - We invest heavily in clinical studies to demonstrate safety and efficacy. Our scientific advisory board guides our research to make sure we pursue meaningful advancements.

- Safety testing - All products undergo rigorous safety assessments including microbial testing and screening for potentially harmful contaminants.

Our Medical Advisory Board

We are privileged to partner with many pioneers in integrative and functional medicine. Our diverse Medical Advisory Board includes prominent doctors and researchers who shape our product development and education efforts, including:

- Jeffrey Bland, PhD - the ā€œfather of functional medicineā€, founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine

- David Perlmutter, MD - renowned neurologist and expert in the neurological disorders underlying chronic conditions

- Chris Dā€™Adamo, PhD - director of research at the Center for Integrative Medicine, expert in nutrigenomics

- Catherine Willner, MD - leading practitioner of nutritional and environmental medicine, lecturer at Harvard Medical School

- Martha Howard, MD - assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, co-founder of Wellness Associates

- Emily Kane, ND - nationally recognized naturopathic physician and author, advocate for integrative therapies

- Alan Gaby, MD - former president of the American Holistic Medical Association, prolific researcher and clinician

This assembly of diverse expertise allows us to translate cutting-edge nutritional science into effective, innovative products that complement contemporary healthcare.

Targeted Solutions for Every Body System

The human body is an interconnected web, so supporting one system often produces benefits throughout the whole organism. Metagenics offers targeted formulations for all the major body systems:

Cardiovascular System Support

- UltraMealĀ® Medical Food - clinically shown to improve cholesterol markers and cardiovascular risk in just 30 days
- Policosanol - patented sugarcane extract shown to optimize cholesterol levels
- CoQ10 - energizes heart cells and acts as a potent antioxidant
- OmegaGenicsTM EPA-DHA - highly concentrated fish oil to inhibit inflammation and enhance heart health

Detoxification & Liver Support

- UltraClear RENEWĀ® - formulated to support both Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification
- Silymarin - aids glutathione production and liver cell regeneration
- DIM Enhanced - boosts estrogen metabolism to support balanced hormone levels
- PhytoMultiTM - activates Natural Killer cells and macrophages to stimulate the immune response

Adrenal & Stress Resilience

- AdresetĀ® - supports healthy cortisol rhythms to restore adrenal function and stress resilience
- Cortisol ManagerTM - aids nighttime cortisol balance to promote restful sleep
- Holy Basil - an ā€œadaptogenicā€ herb traditionally used to counter the effects of stress
- PhyzixTM - includes adaptogens like ashwagandha and eleuthero to restore energy reserves

Neurological & Cognitive Health

- NeurosolĀ® - ingredients like vinpocetine and huperzine A target multiple aspects of cognitive function
- Lithium - essential trace mineral shown to promote neuron health and communication
- BacognizeĀ® - patented extract of bacopa monnieri, an Ayurvedic herb with brain-boosting benefits
- OmegaGenics EPA-DHA - supplies essential omega-3s to nourish and protect brain cells

Digestive Support & Gut Health

- Ther-BioticĀ® Complete - clinically tested broad-spectrum probiotic to support gastrointestinal and immune function
- DigestZymeĀ® - multi-enzyme complex to improve digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and dairy
- DGL SynergyTM - deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract that soothes and protects the gut lining
- Celtic Sea SaltĀ® - unrefined salt containing a natural balance of essential trace minerals to aid hydration

Immune Modulation & Anti-Aging

- ArthroplexĀ® - balances immune response to support joint comfort and flexibility
- Curcum-EvailĀ® - highly bioavailable curcumin phytosome clinically shown to target multiple aging factors
- Cytokine SupressĀ® - EGCG from green tea inhibits pro-inflammatory compounds that drive chronic inflammation
- Resveratrol - activates the bodyā€™s antioxidant response while supporting mitochondrial function

Personalized Solutions for Womenā€™s Health

Metagenics proudly supports womenā€™s health through all phases of life. Our womenā€™s health offerings include:

- EstroveraĀ® - innovative formulation providing estrogen metabolism and bone support during perimenopause and menopause
- Fem EstroPlexĀ® - targeted relief for hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and other menopausal symptoms
- Prenatal Protein ShakeTM - tastes like cake batter and provides balanced prenatal nutrition with 25g protein per serving
- PhytoMultiTM For Women - delivers gender-specific ingredients like chasteberry and black cohosh to address womenā€™s wellness needs

We also offer individualized programs for PCOS, fertility, preconception and pregnancy developed by leading clinicians.

The Metagenics Difference

What truly sets Metagenics apart is our commitment to translating science into effective nutritional solutions. We pair our extensive research with rigorous manufacturing processes, strict quality control, and guidance from renowned medical experts. Our goal is to deliver patented, clinically tested formulas designed to target better health from the cell up.

For over 35 years, Metagenics has been at the forefront of harnessing nutritionā€™s potential to address the root causes of illness and restore wellness. We remain dedicated to innovating high-quality products to help people live happier, healthier lives. Discover how our passion for better health through better nutrition can make a difference for you.